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  • What does the booking process look like?
    We want you to have the best booking experience possible. The process is simple. Simply click on your tour type and experience the ease of booking with Ozark Backwoods Tours!
  • How do I get in contact with Ozark Backwoods Tours?
    We are available via email, chat, or text! Our response time is within a 24-hour period. If you would like to schedule an appointment by phone call, skype, or a Zoom meeting…we would be happy to accommodate that!
  • Are there premade itineraries for me to choose from?
    We feature an ever growing line of Private Lake of the Ozarks Tours! These packages are complete and ready for you to book! In addition, if your looking for more of a custom tour, check out our Tailor-Made Experience!
  • How long does the Tailor-Made Experience booking process take?
    About a week from start to finish depending on your response time. It is most imperative to secure your date as quickly as possible. Our pricing structure is simple across the board and inclusive of everything you need for a wonderful day in nature. You can choose from a variety of locations and options without accruing additional charges. View our Terms and Conditions.
  • What Is included in your tour pricing?
    Four (4) hour tours are inclusive with all necessary equipment to have an enjoyable day in nature which includes snacks, fresh water, and various specified items needed for your tour type. Various specified item examples include tubes to float in the river, chairs to sit on the bank, jars for herbal tea workshops, ect. All information will be listed in your approved itinerary. Eight (8) hour tours offer extended time in nature and everything you get in a four (4) hour tour with an additional afternoon snack and lunch package.
  • What is not included in your tour pricing?
    Our tour prices do not include transportation to and from the location, additional excursion options, or personal care items (i.e. sunscreen, bug spray, etc.). Please see your itinerary for the Recommended Packing detailed list. In addition, our tour pricing does not include Travel Insurance. We highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance to protect yourself and your experience. Needing Travel Insurance? Here's a recommended option with Alliance Insurance.
  • Do you offer multiple-day tour options?
    We offer four (4) and eight (8) hour single-day tour options at a growing variety of locations around the lake area. If you would like to schedule multiple-day tour options, we would be glad to provide you with a custom quote to meet your needs.
  • Is it safe to go on a tour in the Ozark Backwoods?
    Absolutely! We take safety seriously and our experienced guides are knowledgeable of the area. At the beginning of each tour, the Ozark Backwoods Tour Guides conducts a safety overview to the touring group of local dangers and precautions. The experiences that Ozark Backwoods Tours provide are tailored for any individual to fully enjoy. No matter the level of your own personal experience in the woods, we have provided ways for you and the group to have a safe and fun day in nature so you can relax. We got you covered!
  • Any other questions?
    We would be happy to answer them for you, please contact us at and with a quick response to address any questions or concerns you may have.
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