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What We Do!

We Make It Simple!

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Our team in the Ozark Backwoods is dedicated in providing you with the best services -- giving you a fun, interactive, and safe experience overall!  No two Ozark Backwoods Tours are the same.  Your tour will be customized, tailor-made to your group, and what you are looking for in an adventure. 

* Browse our lineup of Adventure Tours for a Fun Day in the Sun.


* Check out our upcoming festivals and events


*Inquire to plan your Custom Retreat, Outdoor Event, or Wedding!

*Don't stress on the Details, we have got You Covered!

We look forward to sharing the Ozark Backwoods with you! Happy Trailing!



Our tours are located way out in the Ozark Backwoods.  So, here’s what you can expect... 


#1 - Your devices will not have any signal! 


#2 - Restroom accommodations will be provided but may not be what your used to.  

Many locations provide compositing type systems.  If one is not available, we provide a portable compositing system.  The nearest convenience store is often more than a 30-minute drive away, be sure to have a full tank of gas when you leave town. 


#3 - GPS has come a long way but still not always reliable in the Ozarks.

Be sure to print off your Experience Itinerary along with its included maps and directions for reference.  

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